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Students Health Plus

Our Health is our greatest asset. We spend a lot on increasing and protecting all out assets. What about our health? It requires frequent checkups, healthy life style and a disciplined life to make sure that we remain healthy. Even if we take extra care, we may fall ill. In such instances, we need proper insurance cover.

This concern is more relevant for our children. If they suffer from illness of any sort, balance of the entire family gets affected. Their education suffers. Keeping this in mind, IPHO has come up with a noble idea of providing necessary Preventive Health & Medical Insurance cover for our students. This coverage is comprehensive and covers both ‘prevention and cure’ in a balanced manner at a highly affordable pricing.

Students Health Plus
The package covers:
1. Comprehensive health Check up towards the beginning of the Academic Year.
2. Medical insurance with Cashless facility with all major hospitals in Bangalore.
3. Accident Coverage (Treatment & Compensation)
4. Coverage for Outpatient treatment (Covers Doctor Consultation, Pharmacy, Diagnosis at any hospital/Doctor/ Medical Practitioner/Diagnostic Center)
5. Ophthalmic consultation and check up.
6. Dental consultation and check up.
7. Doctor Consultations
8. First Aid and Nursing Facility at School
9. Health Awareness Seminars and Interactive Programs.
10. IPHO Awards and felicitation for talented students.

All at a price of Rs.1000/ Year!